July 22, 2019

Want Change? First, Change Everything (Part 2)

Editor’s Note: This article is the second in a three part series of job search and career transition articles. Part one and part three are also online.

Inspiration is strong energy. It comes asking the impossible – impossible not just because of the task to be done, but also because of who’s asked to do it. Especially who’s asked to do it.

Inspiration speaks with such conviction that we rarely doubt its ideas and visions. If we’re going to doubt anything, we’re going to doubt ourselves. But, despite what we think, we are always the most qualified candidate for our dreams. Big Ideas come to claim their own. If it’s my idea, dream, vision, then only one person gets to be its champion: me.

Then why does it seem so impossible? To begin, it’s helpful to realize that “impossible” doesn’t exist on some grand cosmic level. It’s only impossible for us because we’ve never done it before.

The mission of creating the change we want is impossible for who we are used to being and what we are used to doing, thinking, and believing. Our dreams and passionate ideas haven’t come true because our lives aren’t organized around making them happen. Instead, they’re organized around not making our dreams happen. We’re not yet in the right energetic shape to do what it will take to create the change we want.

“Energetic shape” is shorthand for all the ways we habitually shape our lives – psychologically, physically, emotionally, in our relationships, and in all our other habits and ways of going about life. We don’t have the lives we want, we haven’t reinvented ourselves and seen our Big Ideas come to fruition, because we haven’t restructured ourselves and our ways of going about life in a way that will make them happen.

To get something new, we need to become something new. And that means changing everything in us and in our lives that doesn’t support the new thing.

Whoa. That’s intense. Did you say everything?


No wonder we blanche when inspiration comes calling. Remake everything? Who’s going to take a deal on those kinds of terms?

We are, if we really want something new.

Kevin Rhodes left a successful 20+ years career in private practice to pursue a creative dream. He has led two workshops for the CBA’s Job Search and Career Transitions Support Group. His next one, scheduled for January 2012, is called Work With Passion: Find Your Fire and Fuel It!
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