July 16, 2019

Want Change? Transformation 101 (Part 3)

Editor’s Note: This is the final article in a three part series of job search and career transition articles. Part one and part two are also online.

“Self-awareness is the gentle motivator for change,” a friend of mine used to say.

Maybe so, but who’s got time for that? Take time for “Know thyself”? Sorry, I’ve got something going on that night.

Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Good advice, which most of us don’t follow. But self-awareness isn’t optional when we’re after our dreams. Which is why, once we decide to set our dreams free from where we’ve been hiding them, it’s all about us, all the time.

No, that’s not an accusation from a relationship gone bad. It’s what happens when we dare to answer inspiration’s call to create change in our lives. The bigger the change we want, the more we can’t just change things. Big change means we have to change ourselves as well. And that’s not going to happen without a big dose of self awareness. Our unexamined life is about to become examined. Big time.

Self-awareness goes digging, rooting out those pockets of resistance. It tells us when we’re trying to get the new by using the old, when we’re believing one thing while trying to do another, when we’re trying to get there by being reasonable. And lots more. Gotta have it.

There are lots of paths to self-awareness. Choose one. And forget the shortcuts – there aren’t any. And besides, this is too important.

Personal transformation is not just a good idea for the enlightened, consciousness-raising few – it’s essential to achieving every person’s Big Idea. We cannot achieve the change we want, cannot create the lives or the world we want, without first changing ourselves.

We aren’t prepared for this. We think we can just shift what we’ve always been and done – what we’ve believed, what we’ve known, how we’ve made decisions and how we’ve acted, all our customary tools and habits – to our new project.

We’re wrong. We and the new thing we want are created together, or not at all.

Kevin Rhodes left a successful 20+ years career in private practice to pursue a creative dream. He has led two workshops for the CBA’s Job Search and Career Transitions Support Group. His next one, scheduled for January 2012, is called Work With Passion: Find Your Fire and Fuel It!
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