August 23, 2019

State Judicial Amends More Forms to Comply with New Civil Procedure Rules and Fee Changes (Part 3)

Colorado State Judicial continues to issue forms that have been amended to comply with fee changes and the new civil procedure rules adopted as part of Rule Change 2011(18), effective as of January 1, 2012. The changes are being made to time calculation requirements in the forms, which now must reflect the “rule of 7″/multiples of a week.

State Judicial is reviewing all JDF forms and instructions, however it is always the Parties’ responsibility to ensure compliance with the Supreme Court rules. It is therefore important to review the time calculation rule changes prior to filing, as many of the forms have not been reviewed and changed yet.

Below is a list of the latest forms to be amended. Earlier amendments can be found here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). Most forms are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Word formats; Word templates are forthcoming. Download the new forms from State Judicial’s individual forms pages, or below.


  • JDF 875 – “Instructions for Appointment of Conservator – Adult” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 887 – “Instructions to File a Petition to Terminate Conservatorship” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 906 – “Instructions for Probate with a Will” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 907 – “Instructions for Probate without a Will” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 957 – “Instructions for Closing an Estate Formally” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 958 – “Instructions for Closing a Small Estate Informally” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 959 – “Instructions for Closing an Estate Informally” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 989 – “Instructions to Re-Open an Estate” (revised 1/12)

Protection Orders

  • JDF 395 – “Instructions for Restrained Person Motion to Modify / Dismiss Protection Order” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 400 – “Instructions for Obtaining a Protection Order” (revised 1/12)

Small Claims

  • JDF 248 – “Small Claims Instructions” (revised 1/12)
  • JDF 250 – “Notice, Claim & Summons to Appear for Trial” (revised 1/12)


  • JDF 295W – “Standardized Instructions for all Colorado Water Court Divisions” (revised 1/12)
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