August 14, 2018

New Instructions to Request Reduced Mediation Fees Released by State Judicial

The Colorado State Judicial Branch has issued a new Filing Fees form. The new form provides instructions on how to complete a request to reduce mediation fees under JDF 211. Practitioners should begin using the new instructions immediately.

Download the new form from State Judicial’s individual forms pages, or below.

Filing Fees

  • Instruction – “Instructions to Complete Request to Reduce Mediation Fees (JDF 211)” (3/12)

State Judicial also continues to update many forms to include the new time computation (“Rule of 7”) rules and filing fee requirements. Check the State Judicial website for the most up-to-date forms. State Judicial is reviewing all JDF forms and instructions, however it is always the Parties’ responsibility to ensure compliance with the Supreme Court rules. It is therefore important to review the time calculation rule changes prior to filing, as many of the forms have not been reviewed and changed yet.

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