August 14, 2018

State Judicial Issues New Forms for Mobile Home FED Actions

The Colorado State Judicial Branch developed and released several new forms related to mobile home forcible entry and detainer (FED)/eviction actions. Practitioners should begin using the new forms and instructions immediately.

All forms are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Word formats. Download the new forms from State Judicial’s individual forms pages or below.

County CivilDistrict Civil

  • JDF 140 – “Instructions for Mobile Home FED” (3/12)
  • JDF 141 – “Notice to Quit Mobile Home Tenancy Contrary to Rules and Regulations of Park” (3/12)
  • JDF 142 – “Notice to Quit Owner Occupied Mobile Home” (3/12)
  • JDF 143 – “Demand Notice Owner Occupied Mobile Home for Nonpayment of Rent” (3/12)
  • JDF 144 – “Writ of Restitution Mobile Home” (3/12)
  • JDF 145 – “Motion for Entry of Judgment Mobile Home FED” (3/12)
  • JDF 146 – “Mobile Home FED Notice” (3/12)
  • JDF 147 – “Complaint in Forcible Entry and Detainer Owner Occupied
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