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Archives for May 3, 2012

Colorado Court of Appeals: Week of April 29, 2012 (No Published Opinions)

The Colorado Court of Appeals issued no published opinions and twenty-nine unpublished opinions for the week of April 29, 2012.

Neither State Judicial nor the Colorado Bar Association provides case summaries for unpublished appellate opinions. Case announcements are available here.

Tenth Circuit: Unpublished Opinions, 5/2/12

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued no published opinions and seven unpublished opinions.


United States v. Bayazeed

GLN Compliance Group, Inc. v. Naekel

Thames v. Chapman

Davis v. Newton-Embry

Luginbyhl Hawkins v. United States

United States v. Johnson

Johnson v. Jones

No case summaries are provided for unpublished opinions. However, published opinions are summarized and provided by Legal Connection.

Successfully Resolving Your Clients’ Legal Problems: Choosing the Right Model

Over the last several decades, alternative methods for addressing conflicts among private citizens have received increasing attention. This movement has been driven by a number of factors inherent in the public court system: (1) delays, (2) expense, (3) formality, and (4) uncertainty. As a result, alternatives to the public court system continue to develop.

These alternatives include Adjudication, Negotiation, and Evaluation, each with their own pros and cons and each suited better for particular clients and cases.

Jean Stewart will be in the CBA-CLE classroom on Monday, May 7, 2012 to discuss the various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that have been most successful and that offer the most promise. Attorneys will benefit from understanding these alternatives, and will learn:

  • How to prepare for the various kinds of ADR;
  • How they work and when they are viable;
  • How to counsel clients on each kind; and
  • How to use them successfully.

Whether you are new to ADR or a seasoned professional, Ms. Stewart will provide useful information and insider tips to build your practice and better serve your clients.

CLE Program: Successfully Resolving Your Clients’ Legal Problems – Choosing the Right Model

This CLE presentation will take place on Monday, May 7. Participants may attend live in our classroom or watch the live webcast.

If you can’t make the live program or webcast, the program will also be available as a homestudy in two formats: video on-demand and mp3 download.