August 24, 2019

Death Penalty Post-Trial Procedures Amended by Colorado Supreme Court

On June 27, 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court announced a change to Criminal Procedure Rule 32.2 – Death Penalty Post-Trial Procedures. Crim.P. 32.2(c)(1) is amended to read as follows:

Unitary Notice of Appeal. The notice of appeal for the direct appeal and the notice of appeal for all post-conviction review shall be filed by unitary notice in the supreme court within 7 days after the trial court’s order on post-conviction review motions, or within 7 days after the expiration of the deadline for filing post-conviction review motions if none have been filed. The unitary notice of appeal need conform only to the requirements of sections (1), (2), (6) and (8) of C.A.R. 3(g).

These amendments were adopted on June 21 and are effective July 1.

Click here to review the red line changes to Crim.P. 32.2, outlined as Rule Change 2012(09).

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