August 23, 2019

Rejection List for E-Filed Documents Updated by the Chief Justice

Attachment A of Chief Justice Directive 11-01 was revised this week. CJD 11-01 concerns Statewide Electronic Filing Standards and Attachment A outlines the Rejection List for E-Filed Documents. Attachment A is the only portion of the CJD that was revised.

Attachment A was amended to add reason number 16 to the list of reasons to reject a document. Section 1-15 of Colorado Civil Procedure Rule 121 was amended by the Colorado Supreme Court in March (Rule Change 2012(03) to add a requirement that each motion filed must be accompanied by an order in editable format. The amendment to CJD 11-01 conforms Attachment A with that requirement.

The details are outlined in CJD 11-01 – “Directive Concerning Statewide Electronic Filing Standards”

Questions about this amendment can be directed to Carol Haller, Deputy State Court Administrator, Legal Counsel at (303) 837-3669 or or Linda Bowers, Court Services Manager at (303) 837-3839 or

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