June 25, 2019

Archives for August 14, 2012

Finalists Selected to Fill Judgeship on Mineral County Court

The Twelfth Judicial District Nominating Commission has nominated three candidates for a Mineral County Court judgeship created by the retirement of the Honorable F. Stannard Lentz on January 8, 2013.

The nominees for the bench are Ruth Acheson of unincorporated Mineral County, and Phillip Nicholson and Larry Woods, who are both from Creede. All were selected by the commission on August 13, 2012.

Under the Colorado Constitution, Governor Hickenlooper has until August 29 to appoint one of the nominees as County Court Judge for Mineral County.

Comments regarding any of the nominees may be sent via e-mail to the governor at judicial.appointments@state.co.us.

Tenth Circuit: Unpublished Opinions, 8/13/12

On Monday, August 13, 2012, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued no published opinions and three unpublished opinions.

United States v. Pena-Rodriguez

United States v. Taylor, Jr.

United States v. Salgad0-Meza

No case summaries are provided for unpublished opinions. However, published opinions are summarized and provided by Legal Connection.