August 21, 2019

Authority and Responsibility of Chief Judges Amended by Chief Justice

Chief Justice Directive 95-01Authority and Responsibility of Chief Judges, was revised on August 17, 2012.

The directive was amended to include a paragraph memorializing the Chief Judge Council and a subparagraph regarding the open case and age of case reports for judges who retire, resign, or are rotating to a new docket. Other conforming amendments include omitting consultation with the chief justice on swearing-in dates for new judges and the obligation for the chief judge to maintain a vacation schedule, which is no longer necessary due to the use of a computerized leave program.

The details are outlined in CJD 95-01 – “Authority and Responsibility of Chief Judges”

If you have questions about this directive or the amendments, contact Carol Haller, Deputy State Court Administrator and Legal Counsel, at (303) 837-3669 or

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