August 23, 2019

Tenth Circuit Proposes Changes to Local Rules for 2013 and Seeks Comment

On January 1, 2013, new local rules for the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit will take effect. From August 14 through October 17, the court invites comment and feedback from all interested parties on this year’s proposed changes. Please take a moment to review the changes below.

Comments may be emailed to the Court. In addition, interested parties are invited to call the office of the Clerk at (303) 844-3157 with any questions they may have. A final version of the rules will be posted on the court’s website on or around November 26, 2012.

Additionally, changes to Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure will take effect on December 1, 2012. These changes are also outlined in the documents below.

Tenth Circuit Proposed Local Rules Changes for 2013

Every year the court reviews the rules to identify places where language can be updated for clarity and to reflect technical advances and requirements. This year several changes are proposed in this regard. In addition, practitioners should note proposed changes for this year include eliminating certain requirements regarding attaching materials to docketing statements. The proposed rules call for eliminating all attachments except the order(s) on appeal. In addition, the docketing statement form has been streamlined. Practitioners will see all of the proposed language and form changes in the redline version of the rules.

Additional changes include:

1)  10th Cir. R. 3.4 (exempting pro se litigants from filing docketing statements)

This proposal eliminates the rule requirement that pro se parties file docketing statements.

2)  10th Cir. R. 29.1 (time for filing amici briefs on rehearing)

This proposal clarifies procedures for filing amici briefs on rehearing. Specifically, the proposal makes clear when those briefs must be filed. The language of the proposed local rule tracks the language found in Fed. R. App. P. 29(e).

3)  10th Cir. R. 30.1(C) (reminder regarding large appendices)

This proposal adds language to clarify and remind parties that large appendices should be broken down into manageable volumes.

4)  10th Cir. R. 31.3(B) (statement of separate briefs)

This proposed change clarifies the language already found in the local rule and notes that where there are multiple parties on one side, and only one of those parties is a nongovernmental entity, that party need not include a “separate brief” statement (because governmental entities are exempt from this requirement).

5)  10th Cir. R. 39.1 (maximum rates for bills of cost)

This proposed change relates to the “per page” amount the court will allow, under Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 39, in awarding costs to a prevailing party for copying charges. The current rule allows parties to seek up to 50 cents per-page in copying charges. The proposal is to change the amount to $0.20 per page. The change puts the 10th Circuit into closer alignment with the rest of the circuits’ local rules in this area.

Click here to review a memorandum from the Tenth Circuit regarding the changes.

Click here to read a complete draft of the rules.

Click here to read a complete draft of the rules including red line edits.

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