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Tenth Circuit: Unpublished Opinions, 9/28/12

On Friday, September 28, 2012, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued no published opinions and four unpublished opinions.

Panicker v. State Dep’t of Agriculture

Hebert v. Milyard

Arriaya-Flores v. Holder

Roberts v. H-40 Drilling

No case summaries are provided for unpublished opinions. However, published opinions are summarized and provided by Legal Connection.

October is Legal Professionalism Month

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Bender issued a proclamation on May 1, 2012, declaring October 2012 Legal Professionalism Month in the State of Colorado. The intent of the proclamation is to inspire members of the legal profession to re-dedicate themselves to demonstrating the highest standards of professional integrity and to promote public confidence in the legal system.

Chief Justice Bender formed the Chief Justice’s Commission on the Legal Profession in February 2011 in order to improve the training of law students and help them appreciate the role of the legal profession, increase training and support for new lawyers, facilitate communication and cooperation between the bench and bar, and encourage the bar to recognize the legal needs of our community at large and provide more pro bono work.

The Commission has discovered several prominent themes throughout its first year of work, and Chief Justice Bender would like to encourage attorneys to preserve the profession’s positive force in society:

I believe that now is the time for each of us to renew our efforts to the legal profession through increased civility toward one another and by instilling these values in law students and new lawyers. Finally, we must rededicate ourselves to the service of society, including the most vulnerable among us. To galvanize and focus these efforts, CBA President David Masters, the Chief Justice’s Commission on the Legal Profession, and I proclaim the month of October 2012 to be Legal Professionalism Month.

More than 30 bar associations throughout the state are committed to promoting Legal Professionalism Month, and many will be holding events throughout October. The Colorado Supreme Court will hold an Assembly of Lawyers at Boettcher Concert Hall on October 29 to commemorate the month, and will welcome attorneys newly admitted to the practice with a special session of the court. Members of the legal profession are encouraged to participate in all of these events.

The Colorado Bar Association will be releasing several professionalism videos throughout the month of October. The first video, “Tips for Working With Clients to Keep Them Happy and Keep You Out of Trouble,” is available here.

Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board Issues Opinion on Whether Judge Can Serve on Governmental Committee

On Monday, September 24, 2012, the Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board issued C.J.E.A.B. Advisory Opinion 2012-05.

C.J.E.A.B. Advisory Opinion 2012-05 discusses whether a judge who regularly presides over dependency & neglect proceedings may participate on a newly-created Child Welfare Executive Leadership Council developed by the Colorado Department of Human Services. The Board advised that the judge may participate on the Council as long as she is able to maintain impartiality, does not give rise to the appearance of impropriety, or violate any other provisions of the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Board warned that the judge must continually reevaluate the propriety of her affiliation with the Council and be mindful of her obligations under the Code.

The Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board consists of judges and non-judges who provide advice on ethical issues to judicial officers who request an opinion on prospective conduct.  Any state judge, justice, magistrate, district administrator or clerk of court in Colorado may request an advisory opinion from the Board. A request may be submitted using JDF 2, “Request for Judicial Advisory Opinion Pursuant to Chief Justice Directive (CJD) 94-01.”

All of the Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board opinions may be found here.