August 17, 2019

SB 13-011: Authorizing Civil Unions in Colorado

On Wednesday, January 9, 2013, Sen. Pat Steadman introduced SB 13-011 – Concerning Authorization of Civil Unions. This summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’s e-Legislative Report.

The bill creates the “Colorado Civil Union Act” (Act) to authorize any two unmarried adults, regardless of gender, to enter into a civil union. Parties wanting to enter into a civil union apply to a county clerk and recorder for a civil union license. Certain persons may certify a civil union. After the civil union is certified, the officiant files the civil union certificate with the county clerk and recorder. A priest, minister, rabbi, or other official of a religious institution or denomination or an Indian nation or tribe is not required to certify a civil union in violation of his or her right to free exercise of religion. The criteria for a valid civil union are set forth in the bill.The CBA LPC voted to support this legislation on Jan. 18, 2013. Assigned to the Judiciary Committee.


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  1. Thanks for posting about this very important development – it should be interesting to see how the landscape – both state and national (with the USSC hearing the challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act) changes to make lives easier.

  2. Albert Greuter says:

    This year my partner and I will have been together for 23 years. We have spent thousands of dollars creating a trust to protect one another since we cannot marry and do not have access to civil unions currently. When this bill passes, and pending the decision(s) of the Supreme Court, we could save thousands of dollars by not having to continue to maintain and update our trust. The fact we had to create and fund the trust is evidence of the unequal treatment and the burden we have that heterosexual couple do not have.

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