June 25, 2019

Colorado Supreme Court: Foster Parents Who Have Properly Intervened in Dependency & Neglect Action Under C.R.S. § 19-3-507(5)(a) Allowed to Fully Participate

The Colorado Supreme Court issued its opinion in A.M. v. A.C. on Monday, February 25, 2013.

Dependency and Neglect—Termination of Parental Rights—Rights of Intervenors—Due Process Rights of Parents—Foster Parents.

The Supreme Court considered whether foster parents who intervene in a dependency and neglect action pursuant to CRS § 19-3-507(5)(a) possess only a limited right to participate in a hearing on a motion to terminate parental rights. The Court construed § 19-3-507(5)(a) and concluded that foster parents who have properly intervened are afforded the same degree of participation as all other parties at a termination hearing. In addition, the Court concluded that parents’ due process rights were not impacted by the full participation of foster parents in the termination hearing. Therefore, the Court held that foster parents who meet the required statutory criteria to intervene may participate fully in the termination hearing without limitation.

Summary and full case available here.

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