June 18, 2019

e-Legislative Report: February 18, 2013

Michael Valdez, Director of Legislative Relations for the CBA, prepared this week’s e-Legislative Report, highlighting the bills the CBA Legislative Policy Committee will support and oppose. Additionally, he summarized 20 bills of interest (10 from each house), and will continue to do so until the flood of legislation subsides.

For followers who are new to CBA legislative activity, the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) is the CBA’s legislative policy making arm during the legislative session. The LPC meets weekly during the legislative session to determine CBA positions from requests from the various sections and committees of the Bar Association.

Friday, February 15

The CBA Legislative Policy Committee voted to take action on several bills at its weekly meeting:
Bills the CBA will support:

  • HB 13-1136. Concerning the creation of remedies in employment discrimination cases brought under state law.

Bills the CBA will oppose:

  • HB 13-1213. Concerning the uniform asset-freezing orders act.

Stay tuned for summaries of the 20 bills of interest.

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