June 17, 2019

e-Legislative Report: February 25, 2013

CBA Director of Legislative Relations Michael Valdez reports on the CBA Legislative Policy Committee in this week’s e-Legislative Report.

For readers who are new to CBA legislative activity, the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) is the CBA’s legislative policy-making arm during the legislative session. The LPC meets weekly during the legislative session to determine CBA positions on requests from the various sections and committees of the Bar Association.

At the meeting on Friday, Feb. 22, the LPC voted to take action on several bills at its weekly meeting. Bills the CBA will support:

  • HB 13–1209. Concerning changes to child support provisions—with necessary amendments to be adopted.
  • HB 13–1204. Concerning the “Uniform premarital and marital agreements act”—with necessary amendments to be adopted.

Bills the CBA will oppose:

  • HB 13–1213. Concerning the “Uniform asset-freezing orders act.”
  • HB 13–1200. Concerning the “Uniform deployed parents custody and visitation act.”

Additionally, summaries of 20 bills of interest (10 from each house) were provided in the e-Legislative Report. Stay tuned to CBA-CLE Legal Connection for the summaries.

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