August 22, 2019

HB 13-1084: Requiring State to Treat Previously-Licensed Child Care Facilities as Renewals When Issued New FEIN

On January 16, 2013, Rep. Brian DelGrosso and Sen. Linda Newell introduced HB 13-1084 – Concerning the Licensing Status of Entities Under the “Child Care Licensing Act” when a New Federal Employee Identification Number is IssuedThis summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’se-Legislative Report.

Under current law, when an entity licensed under the “Child Care Licensing Act” (a child care center, children’s resident camp, secure residential treatment center, residential child care facility, homeless youth shelter, day treatment center, specialized group facility, or child placement agency) is issued a new federal employee identification number (FEIN), the entity is required to fill out an original application for a license from the state department of human services (state department), thus triggering new inspections of the facility and criminal background checks of employees.

This bill requires the state department to treat a previously licensed entity that is issued a new FEIN as a renewal instead of requiring submission of an original application when the following occur:

  • The reason for the new FEIN is solely due to a change in the corporate structure;
  • The management or governing body of the entity remains the same as originally licensed; and
  • The facility or facilities are the same as those originally licensed.

The bill requires that only newly hired employees undergo criminal background checks. On Feb. 4, the Senate gave final approval of the bill; the bill is assigned to the House Health & Human Services Committee.

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