June 26, 2019

HB 13-1085: Changing Restrictions on Possession of Weapons by Previous Felony Offenders to Only Restrict Certain Felony Offenders’ Possession of Weapons

On January 16, 2013, Rep. Perry Buck and Sen. Scott Renfroe introduced HB 13-1085 – Concerning Changes to the Crimes Eligible for Possession of Weapons by Previous OffendersThis summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’se-Legislative Report.

Under current law the crime of possession of weapons by previous offenders applies to all felony convictions. The bill limits the felony application to felonies under the victim’s rights act, burglary, arson, or any felony involving the use of force or the use of a deadly weapon. On Feb. 5, the Judiciary Committee took testimony and held the bill over for action only to a dater in the future.

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