August 24, 2019

e-Legislative Report: March 25, 2013

Michael Valdez, the Director of Legislative Relations for the Colorado Bar Association, published his weekly e-Legislative Report on Monday, March 25, 2013. In this edition, he noted that the CBA’s Legislative Policy Committee did not meet, and discussed important bills at the capitol, followed by summaries of 20 Bills of Interest (10 from each house).

At the Capitol

  • The Long Bill
    The Long Bill, a/k/a the Budget Bill, takes center stage at the Capitol for the next two weeks. This year the bill begins its journey in the Senate. When the budget is being considered by the House or the Senate, the budget discussion and process will delay action on most legislation while the budget has everyone’s attention.
  • On March 19, the House gave final approval (36-Yes, 28-No, with one excused) to CBA sponsored HB 13-1138. Concerning benefit corporations. The bill is assigned to the Business Labor and Technology Committee in the Senate. Action in the Senate will follow the completion of the budget bill in the Senate.
  • The legislation that creates a guideline formula for courts to consider in determining marital maintenance has passed both houses. The bill, HB 13-1058. Determination of Spousal Maintenance upon Divorce, is opposed by the CBA Family Law Section. The bill was amended on 2nd Reading in the Senate; the Senate gave final approval on Wednesday, March 20. On Thursday, March 21, the House rejected the Senate amendments and asked for a conference committee to work out the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill.
  • The update for the next two bills is exactly the same: On Tuesday, March 19, both bills were approved on 3rd and final reading in the House on vote of 64-Yes, 0-No, and one excused. On Wednesday, March 20, both bills were introduced in the Senate and assigned to the Judiciary Committee:
    HB 13-1204. Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act; and
    HB 13-1200. Uniform Deployed Parents Custody Visitation Act.
    See descriptions and CBA positions of both bills below.
  • Death Penalty: two bills.
  • The House Judiciary heard hours of testimony—pro and con—on HB 13-1264. Repeal of the Death Penalty, on Tuesday, March 19. Upon completion of the testimony, the bill was taken off the table and a final committee decision was delayed to a later date; the printed calendar shows the bill back on the calendar for Tuesday, March 26 at 1:30 p.m. for “action only.”
  • The House Local Government Committee heard hours of testimony—pro and con—on HB 1270. Refer Repeal Of Death Penalty To Citizen Vote, on Wednesday, March 20. Upon completion of the testimony, the bill was taken off the table and a final committee decision was delayed to a later date; the printed calendar does not have the bill listed.
  • On Thursday, March 21, the House Judiciary Committee gave its unanimous approval (9–0 with 2 excused) of the CBA-sponsored Probate Code Omnibus bill. The bill, SB 13-77. Concerning certain provisions of the Colorado Probate Code, is this year’s Trusts and Estates section continuing effort to seek out new amendments and boldly go where the Probate Code has never gone before. The bill next moves to the floor of the House for consideration on 2nd Reading.
  • Civil Unions signed into law.
    On Thursday, March 21, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed SB 13-11. Concerning authorization of civil unions at a packed bill-signing ceremony at History Colorado. The final text of the new act is available online.
  • Note: The vast majority of the act is effective on May 1, 2013.
  • To prepare practitioners for the new law, CBA CLE has planned a full day program on Saturday, May 1—the morning session is devoted to Family Law (Title 14 and Title 19 actions) and the afternoon session will have a Trust & Estate and Elder Law focus.
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