August 21, 2019

Your Help Needed for Colorado Bar Association’s 2013 Fire Recovery Projects

The Colorado Bar Association (“CBA”) and the Environmental Law Section (“ELS”) are sponsoring a statewide tree planting project this Spring in areas devastated by wildfires.  The CBA and the ELS donated funds to seed these projects and CBA members are organizing them.  Now we need your help.

Recent fires have devastated forests and communities in Colorado.  In Colorado Springs, the 2012 Waldo Canyon fire burned 18,000 acres, destroyed 347 homes, and took 2 lives.  In Douglas, Jefferson, Park and Teller Counties, the 2002 Hayman fire was the largest wildfire in Colorado history. Hundreds of firefighters fought the fast-moving fire, which caused nearly $40 million in firefighting costs, burned 133 homes and 138,114 acres, forced the evacuation of 5,340 people, and resulted in 6 indirect fatalities.  The 2012 Lower North Fork fire in a nearby area also burned 4,500 acres and 23 homes, leaving 3 people dead, but the area will not be ready for tree planting this Spring.  In the Durango area, the 2012 Weber fire burned 10,000 acres.  Near Fort Collins, the 2012 High Park fire burned 87,000 acres and 259 homes, and took one life.  And, in Boulder County, the land and residents are still recovering from the 2010 Four Mile Canyon fire which at the time was the most damaging fire in Colorado’s history.  Planting trees and other restorative efforts will help heal the land, support fire victims, and demonstrate that attorneys in these communities care.

The 2013 projects are modeled on successful tree planting projects conducted in the Four Mile fire area in Boulder County in 2011 and 2012. Committees of attorneys have organized the projects and ordered trees.  They now need some of your time and money.  A $100 donation can purchase up to 100 trees and make a significant difference in an area denuded by fire.  Volunteering for a half day or a day to plant trees is good for the environment, good for the community, and good for you.

Please consider donating a few dollars and/or your time to help the following projects in a community near you.  You can donate to a particular project through the contacts below or make a donation to the state-wide effort as described below.

Colorado Springs (Waldo Canyon Fire):

Date:               May 4, 2013

Location:        Flying W Ranch, Colorado Springs

Note:               1,500 trees to be planted

Co-Sponsors:  El Paso County Bar Association, Coalition for the Upper South Platte

Contact:          Dan Stuart (

Durango (Weber Fire):

Date:               April 27, 2013

Location:        Mancos, Weber Canyon Area, Montezuma County, Colorado

Note:               2,000 trees will be planted

Co-Sponsors:  Southwest Colorado Bar Association, Montezuma County Firewise

Contact:          Marla Underell (

Fort Collins (High Park Fire):

Date:               April 28, 2013

Location:        Rist Canyon

Note:               Due to the condition of the soils, this project will focus on mulching and seeding grasses for erosion control

Co-Sponsors:  Larimer County Bar Association, Wildland Restoration Volunteers

Contact:          Gail Goodman (

Jefferson County (Hayman Fire):

Date:               May 18, 2013

Location:        Near the Junction of FS 211 and CR 126, Jefferson County, approximately 3 miles from Cheesman Reservoir (map will be provided)

Note:               750 trees to be planted

Co-Sponsors:  First Judicial District Bar Association, Coalition for the Upper South Platte

Contacts:         Michelle Marcu ( )

Karen Kellen (

Boulder (Four Mile Canyon Fire):

Date:               April 20, 2013

Location:        Four Mile Canyon (meet at Boulder County Justice Center)

Note:               1,000 trees to be planted

Co-Sponsors:  Boulder County Bar Association, Boulder County Open Space

Contacts:         Gabriella Stockmayer (

Josh Anderson (,

Adam Lewis (

Donations to the statewide effort can be made by mailing a check to the “CBA Foundation” at:

Colorado Bar Association Foundation

c/o Dana Collier Smith

1900 Grant Street, #900

Denver, CO 80203

(please be sure to put “2013 Trees” in the memo section of your check)

For more information on statewide projects: Ann Rhodes (, Maki Iatridis (, Michelle Marcu (

ABA One Million Trees Project

The CBA 2013 projects are part of the American Bar Association’s One Million Trees Project.  The Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (“SEER”) of the ABA commenced its One Million Trees Project in 2009.  The goal of the public service project is to bring volunteer resources together with a variety of local programs to plant one million trees by 2014.  Subtitled “The Right Tree for the Right Place at the Right Time,” the Project is a nationwide public service project that was adopted by the entire ABA organization through its Board of Governors in the summer of 2012.  Click here for more information.

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  1. Planting a tree might be the best thing to ensuring another great fire. I was watching the land for years before the fire. It was coming. There was a lack of diversity of the trees. On top of that, the water problems significantly reduced the natural protections that the trees would have against the beetles. Leading, of course, to millions of dead trees. Dead trees for which no one was funding a clean up.

    Bottom line, hiring people to manage the forest might be cheaper than hiring people to spread rare resources like water all over the forest.

    Hopefully this planting will be done with more research and planning than what these areas have had for several years.


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