August 21, 2019

Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board Opinions 2013-01 and 2013-02 Released

The Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board released two new opinions in late March 2013. The Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board (C.J.E.A.B.) is a supreme court committee comprised of judges and non-judges who offer practical advice on ethical issues to members of the judiciary. There are seven members of the C.J.E.A.B. Four are judges, one is a non-lawyer citizen, one an attorney, and one a law professor with an interest in ethics.

C.J.E.A.B. Opinion 2013-01 addresses the issue of whether a judge can sit on the board of directors for the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance. The decision confirms that the judge may sit on that board, provided he or she is able to ensure that the board activities do not impair his or her impartiality, and that doing so would not lead to frequent disqualification.

C.J.E.A.B. Opinion 2013-02 discusses whether, as part of their administrative duties, judges may ethically select attorneys who are eligible for appointment as counsel for respondent parents in dependency and neglect proceedings. They may select such attorneys, and may also monitor their performance, provided that they maintain impartiality in exercising those decisions and the decisions are based on merit.

For more information about the Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board, and for all of the C.J.E.A.B. opinions, click here.

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