July 20, 2019

Justice Gregory Hobbs Named a Colorado Author’s League Award Finalist

Justice HobbsGregory Hobbs, Colorado Supreme Court justice and author extraordinaire, was nominated for a 2013 Colorado Author’s League award for his book Into the Grand, a beautiful collection of poetry, prose, essays, and photography. We are proud of Justice Hobbs and congratulate him on his nomination.

Always humble, Justice Hobbs noted that he is honored to have been nominated, saying “It’s great to be listed! I’m pleased at the way the book looks. It’s satisfying to be one of CLE’s authors.” Justice Hobbs continued that he loves this beautiful state we live in and wishes that attorneys, who are usually very creative and artistic people, would share their gifts with the wider community more often.

Justice Hobbs is known for his work on the Colorado Supreme Court, but he is also a prolific poet and author. He has published three books through CBA-CLE: Into the GrandPublic’s Water Resource, and Living the Four CornersHe is active in Colorado’s water law community, and was a proud participant in last year’s Water 2012 book club programs.

For more information about Justice Hobbs’ books, click the links below or stop by the CLE offices.

CLE Book: Into the Grand

Justice Hobbs’ collection of poetry, prose, essays, and artwork is now available. Click here to order online or call (303) 860-0608.

To order all three of Justice Hobbs’ books as a discounted bundle — Into the GrandPublic’s Water Resource, and Living the Four Cornersclick here or call (303) 860-0608.

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