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Running Past Our Limits Update (Part 3): Opportunity Knocks

rhodesLast summer I wrote a series on lessons learned from marathon training. (You can find it in the archives.) This series responds to people’s request for an update!

Our greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities. We don’t often see them that way. Instead we get fearful and frustrated, and shut down. If we can resist that response, we’ll find that obstacles are like stored up energy that, once released, launch us into our most astonishing breakthroughs. I believe and teach that, and my MS diagnosis became a case in point.

My working theory for all that gliding (fast!) on the elliptical machine was to (a) use my body to show my mind that I was capable of a running-like movement, so that (b) my mind would obligingly rewire my brain to send appropriate running signals to my body, and (c) once the circuit was complete, I’d be running again. My MS diagnosis introduced a new wrinkle: my physical training needed to do more than just change my mind and rewire my brain, it also needed it to rewire the rest of my nervous system (where the MS symptoms had taken up residence). Same plan as before, just a larger scope.

About that time the gym where I work out installed four brand new Adaptive Motion Trainer/Open Stride machines. They’re like ellipticals, with one HUGE difference: they actually require a running stride. I.e., instead of just gliding along, I actually had to pick up my feet. Since my secret for using the elliptical was that it let me get away with just gliding along, using a running motion on the AMT/Open Stride would be a giant step ahead.

I didn’t see that at first; I just thought the AMT was a new kind of elliptical. I stepped on to try it out and couldn’t make it move. No one else seemed to be having that problem, so I kept trying, feeling stupider by the moment, and finally asked a personal trainer for help. Just do this, she said, jogging easily along. I tried again. No luck. I closed my eyes, willing my legs to move not just back and forth, but also up and down. Slowly they started. I was exhausted after ten minutes, getting off the machine was a real problem, and walking the two blocks home even more so. All the way, I wondered, like Boromir when the Balrog shows up in the Mines of Moria, “What new devilry is this?”

Some online research revealed what an incredible gift I’d just been given. The AMT/Open Stride would teach my body perfect running form, which would get patterned directly into my brain and the rest of my nervous system, until one day I would transfer the running (not gliding!) movement to the earth beneath my feet. Sweet! Once again, my greatest challenge had become my greatest opportunity.

Or so I believed, but belief requires action: either the new machine was going to get me closer to my goal or it wasn’t, and there was only one way to find out. I needed to go back to square one, where I’d started 18 months earlier on the elliptical, with ten ponderously slow minutes. True to form, in the months to come, those ten minutes repeated over and over released a whole new energy into my training.

To be continued.

Kevin Rhodes is a lawyer in private practice who’s on a mission to help people love their work and their lives. He leads workshops for a variety of audiences, including the CBA’s Solo and Small Firm Section and the Job Search and Career Transitions Support Group. You can email Kevin at kevin@rhodeslaw.com.

Tenth Circuit: Unpublished Opinions, 8/12/13

On Monday, August 12, 2013, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued three published opinions and six unpublished opinions.

Young v. Attorney General for the State of New Mexico

Tri-State Truck Insurance v. First National Bank of Wamego, Kansas

Warner v. Citimortgage

United States v. McKenzie

United States v. Becknell

Dreismeier v. Werholtz

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Tenth Circuit: Unpublished Opinions, 8/9/13

On Friday, August 9, 2013, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued no published opinions and one unpublished opinion.

Wing v. Buchanan

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