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Tenth Circuit: Filing Restrictions Imposed on Abusive, Frivolous Pro Se Filer

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals published its opinion in Landrith v. Schmidt on Tuesday, October 15, 2013.

Bret D. Landrith was admitted to the Kansas bar in 2002, but he was disbarred in 2005 for violating six of the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct and “total incompetence in the practice of law.” He began filing baseless lawsuits and appeals related to the disbarment proceedings, as well as other unrelated frivolous and abusive lawsuits and mandamus proceedings.

The Tenth Circuit ordered Landrith to show cause why the court should not impose the following filing restrictions on him: “Subject to Landrith’s opportunity to file written objections that we outline below, we propose to enjoin Landrith from petitioning this court for relief, either by appeal or through an original proceeding, including a petition for a writ of mandamus under 28 U.S.C. § 1361, unless he either (1) is represented by an attorney who is admitted to practice in this court or (2) obtains permission to proceed pro se.”

Landrith failed to demonstrate good cause why the proposed filing restrictions should not be imposed. The court therefore ordered that the filing restrictions take effect immediately upon entry of this order.

Colorado Supreme Court: Announcement Sheet, 10/14/13

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, the Colorado Supreme Court issued one published opinion.

People v. Jones

The summary for this case is forthcoming, courtesy of The Colorado Lawyer.

Neither State Judicial nor the Colorado Bar Association provides case summaries for unpublished appellate opinions. The case announcement sheet is available here.