August 25, 2019

Finalists Selected for Judgeships on Denver District Court, Larimer County Court; Vacancy on Sedgwick County Court

Finalists have been selected for a vacancy on the Denver District Court bench. The vacancy is occasioned by the appointment of Hon. William Hood, III, to the Colorado Supreme Court. The nominees are Jay Grant of Denver, Andrew McCallin of Denver, and Colin Walker of Denver. Governor Hickenlooper must appoint one of the nominees within fifteen days after December 17, 2013.

Three finalists were selected for a vacancy on the Larimer County Court as well. The vacancy was created by the resignation of Hon. Christine Carney, effective December 31, 2013. The three finalists are David P. Ayraud of Fort Collins, Kraig Ecton of Fort Collins, and Matthew R. Zehe of Fort Collins. The governor has fifteen days from December 9, 2013, in which to appoint one of the nominees.

Comments regarding any of the finalists for judicial vacancies may be emailed to the governor at

The Thirteenth Judicial District announced a vacancy on the Sedgwick County Court bench, effective February 7, 2014. The vacancy will be created by the resignation of Hon. James M. Wittler. Eligible applicants for the vacancy must be qualified electors of Sedgwick County and must have graduated high school or a high school equivalency program. Applications are available from the ex officio chair of the nominating commission, Justice Allison Eid. Applications must be filed with Justice Eid no later than 4 p.m. on January 6, 2014. For more information about this vacancy and the application process, click here.

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