August 24, 2019

Probate, Criminal, Adoption JDF Forms Amended by State Judicial

The Colorado State Judicial Branch amended several JDF forms in November and December. Forms were amended in the adoption, criminal, fees, name change, probate, and protection order categories.

Forms are available here in PDF format and generally are also available as Word documents on the State Judicial website.


  • JDF 517 – “Motion and Affidavit for Publication of Notice” (R11/13)
  • JDF 525 – “Affidavit of Abandonment” (R11/13)
  • JDF 526 – “Affidavit of Diligent Efforts” (R11/13)


  • JDF 237 – “Instructions to File an Application for an Order of Collateral Relief” (R11/13)
  • JDF 238 – “Application for an Order of Collateral Relief” (R11/13)
  • JDF 239 – “Order of Collateral Relief” (R11/13)
  • JDF 718 – “Personal Service Affidavit” (R11/13)


  • JDF 205 – “Motion to File Without Payment and Supporting Financial Affidavit” (R11/13)


  • JDF 420 – “Instructions for Filing for a Change of Name (Minor)” (R11/13)
  • JDF 432 – “Instructions for Filing a Change of Name (Adult)” (R11/13)


  • JDF 714 – “Affidavit Regarding Due Diligence and Proof of Publication” (R11/13)
  • JDF 732 – “Trust Registration Statement” (R11/13)
  • JDF 786 – “Instructions to File Petition to Transfer Adult Guardianship and/or Conservatorship from Colorado to Receiving State” (R11/13)
  • JDF 821 – “Affidavit of Acceptance of Appointment by Written Instrument as Guardian for Minor” (R11/13)
  • JDF 999 – “Collection of Personal Property by Affidavit” (R11/13)


  • JDF 395 – “Instructions for Restrained Person – Motion to Modify/Dismiss Protection Order” (R12/13)
  • JDF 397 – “Motion to Modify or Dismiss Temporary or Permanent Protection Order” (R12/13)
  • JDF 404 – “Affidavit Regarding Children” (R11/13)


  • JDF 417 – “Petition to Seal Arrest and Criminal Records Other Than Convictions” (R11/13)

For all of State Judicial’s forms, click here.

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