August 20, 2019

Adoption, Small Claims, Seal My Case JDF Forms Amended

In January 2014, the Colorado State Judicial Branch issued several revised JDF forms in many categories. Click here for a list of previously issued forms. Most recently, JDF forms have been amended in the adoption, miscellaneous, probate, small claims, and seal my case categories. 

Forms are available for download here as PDF documents, and are generally available in Word from the State Judicial Forms page.


  • JDF 500 – “Instructions for Stepparent Adoption” (R1/14)
  • JDF 502 – “Petition for Stepparent Adoption” (R1/14)


  • JDF 78 – “Motion and Order to Set Aside Default Judgment” (R1/14)


  • JDF 959 – “Instructions for Closing an Estate Informally” (R1/14)


  • JDF 302 – “Petition for Expungement of Records” (R1/14)
  • JDF 417 – “Petition to Seal Arrest and Conviction Records” (R1/14)
  • JDF 612 – “Petition to Seal Criminal Conviction Records” (R1/14)


  • JDF 250 – “Notice, Claim, and Summons to Appear for Trial” (R1/14)
  • JDF 253 – “Motion and Order to Set Aside Dismissal/Default Judgment” (R1/14)

Click here for all of State Judicial’s JDF forms.

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