July 17, 2019

Congratulations to the 2014 DBA Award Winners

The DBA Awards Committee has chosen winners for the following awards: DBA Award of Merit, DBA Young Lawyer of the Year, DBA Volunteer of the Year, Judicial Excellence, Education in the Legal System and Outstanding Programs or Projects. Involvement with the DBA, community contributions outside the bar associations, career history, and accomplishments were all considered in the selection process. The winners listed below are outstanding individuals whom we would like to recognize publicly for their commitment to the legal field and our community. Thank you for inspiring us all!

  • Award of Merit: Richard L. Gabriel,Colorado Court of Appeals
  • Judicial Excellence: Dennis A. Graham,Colorado Court of Appeals
  • Young Lawyer of the Year: Margrit Parker,Kennedy Childs
  • Volunteer of the Year: Ilene Lin Bloom, Ilene Bloom PC
  • Education in the Legal System: Craig Dehning from Skinner Middle School and Theresa Storto from Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy
  • Projects and Programs: Colorado Lawyers for Colorado Veterans Clinic volunteers
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