August 21, 2019

HB 14-1205: Creating Veterans’ Assistance Grant Program to Provide Financial Assistance to Improve Health and Well-being of Veterans

On January 30, 2014, Rep. Su Ryden and Sen. Larry Crowder introduced HB 14-1205 – Concerning the Veterans’ Assistance Grant Program. This summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’s e-Legislative Report.

The veterans’ assistance grant program (program) is created in the division of veterans affairs within the state department of military and veterans affairs to provide moneys to nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies that provide services to ensure the health and well-being of veterans of the United States armed forces who live in Colorado.

On or before Sept. 1, 2014, the adjutant general, in consultation with the board of veterans affairs, shall adopt rules for the administration of the program, including but not limited to:

  • Criteria for determining which nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies are eligible to receive moneys from the program; and
  • Procedures by which eligible organizations may apply for and receive moneys from the program.

The veterans assistance grant program cash fund is created and consists of any moneys received by the division as gifts, grants, or donations and such moneys as are appropriated to the fund by the general assembly. The program is repealed, effective Sept. 1, 2024. Before such repeal, the department of regulatory agencies shall review the program.

On February 17, 2014, the House Committee on State, Veterans, and Military Affairs referred the bill, unamended, to the Appropriations Committee.

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