August 21, 2019

CJD 07-01 Amended Regarding State Judicial Electronic Usage Policy; CJD 98-08 Repealed

Chief Justice Directive 07-01, “Directive Concerning the Colorado Judicial Department Electronic Communications Usage Policy: Technical, Security, And System Management Concerns,” was amended last week, effective April 8, 2014. CJD 07-01 was amended and updated to reflect changes to technology and the need to maintain secure systems.  The changes to this CJD now include instructions regarding the use of software on state computers, which was previously addressed in CJD 98-08. These changes apply to all Judicial Department employees, who will be required to sign an acknowledgement form confirming receipt of the policy change by May 1, 2014.

CJD 98-08, “Directive Concerning Use of Software Products on State-Owned Computers,” was repealed when CJD 07-01 was amended, because the information previously contained in CJD 98-08 is now addressed in CJD 07-01.

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