June 24, 2019

Probate JDF Forms Revised in Protective Proceedings Category

In April 2014, the Colorado State Judicial Branch issued several revised forms in the Probate category. The revised forms deal with protective proceedings. The forms are available here in PDF format, and may be downloaded in Word format from State Judicial’s website.


  • JDF 847 – “Instructions for Filing a Petition for Appointment of Co-Guardian/Conservator or Successor Guardian/Conservator” (Revised 4/14)
  • JDF 800 – “Acknowledgment of Responsibilities Conservator and/or Guardian” (Revised 4/14)
  • JDF 821 – “Affidavit of Acceptance of Appointment by Written Instrument as Guardian for Minor” (Revised 4/14)
  • JDF 878 – “Order Appointing Conservator for Adult” (Revised 4/14)
  • JDF 882 – “Conservator’s Financial Plan with Inventory and Motion for Approval” (Revised 3/14)
  • JDF 960 – “Petition for Final Settlement” (Revised 4/14)
  • JDF 964 – “Order for Final Settlement” (Revised 4/14)

Click here to access all of State Judicial’s JDF forms.

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