August 18, 2019

e-Legislative Report: May 12, 2014

Special Issue: End of the 2014 Legislative Session

Just a quick note to readers that the 2nd Regular Session of the 69th General Assembly came to a close on Wednesday, May 7. Please look for “Legislative Highlights” in the July issue of The Colorado Lawyer. In addition, The Colorado Lawyer August issue will contain the “2014 Legislative Update.”

My thanks to all who subscribe to the e-legislative newsletter. We hope that the updates have been useful to you throughout the 2014 legislative session.

Thankfully, for the CBA the year was quite successful. Our sponsored legislation has been approved by the legislature and is either on its way to the governor or has already been signed by him. The CBA continues its reputation for bringing well thought-out legislation that seeks to improve the legal system—for our members as well as the public.

The Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) and in particular the committee chairman and CBA President Terry Ruckriegle, must be commended for their efforts throughout the session; they meet weekly when the legislature is in session to direct our efforts at the legislature. During the “off-session” the LPC meets monthly to reflect on the session just concluded and to prepare for the session that is always around the corner.

A big thank you goes out to all the sections for their work in reviewing, amending, fixing, analyzing, killing, and helping pass numerous bills from January through May.

Our contract lobbyist, Amy Redfern and our lobby firm of Aponté–Busam, do a phenomenal job of representing the CBA at the legislature. Amy’s intellect, experience, and professionalism are tremendous assets to our Association.

A very special note of thanks to my colleague Margaret Haywood, Web & Communications Specialist at the Colorado Bar Association, for her efforts to not only get the e-legislative newsletter published each week, but for her help in making the format attractive to readers.

One last item, if something big should arise over the summer I reserve the right to bring it to your attention through this newsletter.

Have a good summer!

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