August 24, 2019

Domestic Relations Forms and Instructions, Bond Form, and Seal My Case Form Amended

In April and May 2014, several of State Judicial’s JDF forms and instructions were amended, mostly in the Domestic Relations category. Forms are available for download here in PDF format, and are available in Word and Word Template formats from the State Judicial forms pages.


  • JDF 231 – “Waiver of Extradition as a Condition of Bail Bond” (revised 4/14)

Domestic Relations

  • JDF 1266 – “Instructions to File for a Dissolution or Legal Separation of Civil Union if There Are No Children of this Civil Union or the Children are Emancipated” (revised 5/14)
  • JDF 1267 – “Instructions to File for a Dissolution or Legal Separation of Civil Union with Children of this Civil Union” (revised 5/14)
  • JDF 1406i – “Instructions to File a Motion/Stipulation to Modify/Restrict Parenting Time” (revised 5/14)
  • JDF 1411 – “Instructions to File a Motion or Stipulation to Modify Custody or Decision-Making Responsibility (revised 5/14)
  • JDF 1413i – “Instructions for Allocation of Parental Responsibilities” (revised 5/14)
  • JDF 1113 – “Parenting Plan” (revised 5/14)
  • JDF 1257 – “Decree of Dissolution of Civil Union or Legal Separation of Civil Union” (revised 5/14)
  • JDF 1258 – “Affidavit for Decree without Appearance of the Parties (Civil Union)” (revised 5/14)
  • JDF 1273 – “Parenting Plan (Civil Union)” (revised 5/14)

Seal My Case

  • JDF 419 – “Order and Notice of Hearing (Sealing of Records)” (revised 4/14)


Click here to access all of State Judicial’s forms.

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