July 19, 2019

Judge Evaluations Available Online for 146 Judges Standing for Retention

The Colorado State Judicial Branch announced last week that judicial evaluations are now available online for Colorado’s 146 judges standing for retention in 2014. These evaluations were carefully prepared by Colorado’s Commission on Judicial Performance and local judicial performance commissions, and will be mailed to all voters this fall in the “Blue Book.”

The Commissions on Judicial Performance were created by Colorado’s legislature in 1988 in order to provide fair, responsible, and constructive evaluations of Colorado’s trial court and appellate judges and justices. Local judicial performance commissions consist of four attorneys and six non-attorneys. Volunteer commissioners are appointed by the Colorado Chief Justice, Governor, President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House for four-year terms. Commission workers take their work seriously and strive to create honest, fair, and reliable assessments of all judges standing for retention. Trial judges’ evaluations are developed with surveys of random samplings of people who appear in their courtrooms, including attorneys, jurors, litigants, court employees, and law enforcement personnel. Judges also complete self-evaluations that are used in the evaluation process. Appellate judge evaluations are developed by surveys of attorneys, court employees, other appellate judges, and other lower court judges, as well as self-evaluations, courtroom statistics, and personal observations by commission members.

To see the recommendations of the Commission on Judicial Performance regarding all 146 judges standing for retention, click here.

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