July 18, 2019

Colorado Appellate Rules Amended in First Rule Change of 2015

On Wednesday, January 7, 2015, the Colorado Supreme Court announced Rule Change 2015(01), amending the Colorado Appellate Rules. Three rules were affected by this rule change: Rule 8, “Stay or Injunction Pending Appeal,” Rule 27, “Motions,” and Rule 33, “Prehearing Conference.”

The changes to Rule 8 are extensive, and include subdivision of various subparagraphs into further subparagraphs, many changes of procedural language, and changing “shall” to “must” in many instances. The changes to Rule 27 are similarly extensive, again adding subparagraphs and changing significant amounts of the language. Rule 33 was repealed in its entirety.

A redline of these changes is available here:

2015(01) redline

The Colorado Supreme Court adopted and proposed rule change page is available here.

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