August 23, 2019

SB 15-099: Eliminating Certain Duties for Probation Officers

On January 21, 2015, Sen. John Cooke introduced SB 15-099 – Concerning Eliminating Certain Duties for Probation OfficersThis summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’s e-Legislative Report.

Several provisions of current law address the performance of certain duties by probation officers. The bill amends these provisions to eliminate these duties. Specifically, the bill so amends provisions concerning: The performance of supplemental evaluations concerning disputed issues in cases involving the allocation of parental responsibilities with respect to a child; The exercise of continuing supervision over a case to ensure that terms relating to an allocation of parental responsibilities or parenting time are carried out; The duty to make a social study and written report in all children’s cases under the “Colorado Children’s Code”; and The appointment of a probation officer as attendance officer of a school district.

The bill was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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