August 21, 2019

11th Judicial District Nominating Commission Appointment Announced

On Thursday, April 9, 2015, Governor Hickenlooper’s office announced his appointment of Jolene Lynn DeVries of Cotopaxi to the Eleventh Judicial District Nominating Commission, to serve as an attorney and a Republican from Fremont County.

Each of Colorado’s 22 judicial districts has a judicial nominating commission that is responsible for interviewing and selecting candidates for judicial vacancies. Judicial nominating commissions are comprised of seven members, three attorneys and four non-attorneys, no more than four of whom can be from the same political party and with at least one representative from each county in the district. There is also a Supreme Court Nominating Commision that selects candidates for vacancies on the Colorado Court of Appeals and Colorado Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Nominating Commission is comprised of two members from each of Colorado’s seven congressional districts, one attorney and one non-attorney from each, plus one at-large member who is not an attorney.

For more information on Governor Hickenlooper’s appointment, click here. For more information on nominating commissions, click here.

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