August 22, 2019

Small Common Interest Community Exemption and Electronic Public Trustee Foreclosure Bills Signed

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, Governor Hickenlooper signed two bills into law. He has signed 138 bills to date this legislative session. The two bills signed Tuesday are:

  • HB 15-1095 – Concerning the Extension of an Exemption Under the “Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act” for Certain Small Common-Interest Communities to Include Communities Created Before July 1, 1992, Whose Declarations Limit Their Annual Common Expense Liability to No More than Three Hundred Dollars, by Rep. Terri Carver and Sen. Kevin Lundberg. The bill provides an exemption from certain provisions of the CCIOA for HOAs whose annual expenditures are less than $300 as established by bylaws or declarations.
  • HB 15-1142 – Concerning the Conduct of Foreclosure Sales by a Public Trustee, and, in Connection Therewith, Authorizing the Conduct of Foreclosure Sales Through the Internet and Other Electronic Media and Authorizing the Collection of Fees Through Electronic Transfer, by Rep. Beth McCann and Sen. Lucia Guzman. The bill allows public trustees or sheriffs to conduct foreclosure sales electronically and establishes procedures for electronic sales.

For a complete list of Governor Hickenlooper’s 2015 legislative decisions, click here.

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