July 16, 2018

Several Water Forms and One Criminal Form Revised in May

In May 2015, the Colorado State Judicial Branch issued several new forms, most of which were in the Water category. The forms are available here in PDF format or from State Judicial’s website in Word or PDF.


  • JDF 638 – “Rule 106.5 Complaint for Review of Quasi-Judicial Action of the CDOC” (revised 5/15)


  • JDF 241W – “Application for Simple Change in Surface Point of Diversion” (revised 5/15)
  • JDF 296W – “Application for Conditional/Absolute Water Rights (Surface)” (revised 5/15)
  • JDF 297W – “Application for Conditional/Absolute Water Storage Right” (revised 5/15)
  • JDF 298W – “Application for Conditional/Absolute Underground Water Right” (revised 5/15)
  • JDF 299W – “Application for Change of Water Right” (revised 5/15)
  • JDF 300W – “Application for Finding of Reasonable Diligence/To Make Absolute in Whole or in Part” (revised 5/15)
  • JDF 301W – “Application for Approval of Plan for Augmentation” (revised 5/15)

Additionally, the new JDF 622, “Proposed Case Management Order,” is now available, although it is not for use until July 1, 2015 and has a promulgation date of 07/15.

For all of State Judicial’s JDF forms, click here.

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