June 18, 2019

Colorado Appellate Rules Amended by Colorado Supreme Court

On June 25, 2015, the Colorado Supreme Court issued Rule Change 2015(06), amending the Colorado Appellate Rules, effective immediately. The changes are extensive.

The changes to Rule 28, “Briefs,” include changes to formatting requirements for briefs and the deletion of some subsections. Former subsection (h) from Rule 28 was expanded into new Rule 28.1, “Briefs in Cases Involving Cross-Appeals.” Rule 29, “Brief of an Amicus Curiae,” received new subsections regarding content and form of briefs and length. Rule 31, “Serving and Filing Briefs,” added a subsection regarding consequences for failure to file and deleted subsections about the number of copies to be served in the supreme court and court of appeals. Rule 32, “Form of Briefs and Appellate Documents,” was also substantially amended, including changes to the captioning requirements. Finally, Rule 34, “Oral Argument,” was amended to specify that oral argument may be allowed at the discretion of the court. The changes to Forms 6 and 6A include certifications that the briefs conform to word and page limits in Rule 28, and the changes to Forms 7 and 7A set forth example captions for use in appellate briefs.

A redline of Rule Change 2015(06) is available here.

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