May 19, 2019

CJD 15-01, CJD 11-02 and CJD 85-27 Repealed by Colorado Supreme Court

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, the Colorado State Judicial Branch announced the repeal of two Chief Justice Directives: CJD 11-02, authorizing the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project, and CJD 85-27, concerning indigency determinations for drug and alcohol treatment. Earlier in November, the Colorado Supreme Court repealed CJD 15-01 regarding public records. CJD 11-02 was repealed because the pilot project has ended and the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure were amended to incorporate provisions of the pilot project. CJD 15-01 was repealed because the Supreme Court issued new rules regarding public access to records of the judicial branch.

For a complete list of the Colorado Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Directives, click here.

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