August 21, 2019

Nominees Selected for Vacancies on Second Judicial District Court

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, the Second Judicial District Nominating Commission announced its selection of six nominees to fill two upcoming vacancies on the Second Judicial District Court. The nominees are Christopher J. Baumann, Jay S. Grant, Frances E. Simonet, Jay B. Simonson, Jennifer B. Torrington, and Christine A. Washburn.

Christopher J. Baumann is the head of the Denver office of the Colorado State Public Defender. Jay S. Grant is lead attorney at the same office. Frances Simonet is a magistrate in the Seventeenth Judicial District. Jay B. Simonson is a First Assistant Attorney General. Jennifer B. Torrington is a magistrate in the Second Judicial District. Christine A. Washburn is the Chief Deputy District Attorney for the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

Under the Colorado Constitution, the governor has 15 days from March 29 in which to appoint two of the nominees to the vacancies. Comments regarding any of the nominees may be emailed to the governor at For more information about the nominees, click here.

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