August 24, 2019

HB 16-1167: Creating the “Colorado Family First Employer Act” to Recognize Family-Friendly Employers

On January 29, 2016, Reps. Faith Winter & Brittany Pettersen and Sens. Nancy Todd & Kerry Donovan introduced HB 16-1167Concerning the Creation of the Colorado Family First Employer Act, and, in Connection Therewith, Establishing a Program that Recognizes Colorado Employers that Meet Certain Family-Friendly Requirements. It was assigned to the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee.

This bill proposes to create the Colorado Family First Employer Act under Article 13.7. The Colorado family first employer program, which would be created by the bill, would require the department of labor and employment (department) to establish a program that would designate Colorado employers who meet certain family-friendly criteria as Colorado family first employers. C.R.S. § 8-13.7-104 sets forth the criteria that an employer must demonstrate in order to be considered for an award by the Governor’s Office.

The bill proposes, among other things, to decrease the wage gap between men and women, specifically as it relates to African-American, Latina, Asian-American, and Native-American women. The bill also proposes to provide incentives to workers who have families needing child-care services or paid-leave for family responsibilities.

Additionally, the Office of the Governor would be authorized by the bill to recognize the employers who have been certified by the department with an award. Furthermore, the bill would allow designated employers to use a logo, created by the Office of the Governor, for promotional purposes.

Mark Proust is a 2016 J.D. Candidate at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

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