July 20, 2019

SB 16-163: Directing Office of Legislative Legal Services to Study Potential Reorganization of C.R.S. Title 12

On March 16, 2016, Sen. Michael Johnston and Rep. Daniel Kagan introduced SB 16-163Concerning A Study of an Organization Recodification of Title 12 of the Colorado Revised Statutes Governing the Regulation of Professions and Occupations. The bill was assigned to the Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee. It passed out of that committee unamended and was referred to Appropriations, where it was amended and referred to the Senate Committee of the Whole for Second Reading.

This bill directs the Office of Legislative Services to conduct a study of an organizational recodification of Title 12 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. In conducting this study, the office must solicit input, including regarding the potential fiscal impacts of a recodification, from the judicial department, state agencies, local governments, and other entities with regulation and enforcement responsibilities established by Title 12.

The bill requires the committee to determine whether to direct the office to present proposed legislation to the committee for organizational recodification by December 31, 2017. Any proposed recodification should be largely organizational and nonsubstantive. This includes only those substantive provisions necessary to promote the public purposes of an organizational recodification, such as changes to make similar but repetitive provisions uniform and capable of consolidation and changes that eliminate archaic or obsolete provisions.

Mark Proust is a 2016 J.D. Candidate at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

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