August 24, 2019

Name Change, Adoption, and Seal My Case Forms and Instructions Amended in August

The Colorado State Judicial Branch revised sixteen JDFs in August. The revised forms include change of name forms and instructions, a motion and order to seal criminal records, a motion to convert a legal separation to dissolution, and adoption forms and instructions. These revised forms are available here as PDF downloads or from the State Judicial forms page.

PLEASE NOTE: The court’s website hosting the JDF forms has been revised to eliminate the option of modifying the form itself. This decision was made to protect the integrity of forms presented to the court with a JDF designation. This will allow the court to know that forms with a JDF designation contain only the JDF version’s information. Users can continue to download the PDF version of the forms from the court’s website for completion but modification of the form itself is not available. CBA-CLE will continue to provide selected JDF forms in our books and in Bradforms in a word processable format. PLEASE REMEMBER, if you modify a JDF form, you must remove the JDF designation from the footer or the court may reject your filing.


  • JDF 495 – Instructions for Second Parent Adoption Without Civil Union (R8/16)
  • JDF 498 – Instructions for Kinship Adoption (R8/16)
  • JDF 499 – Instructions for Custodial Adoption (R8/16)
  • JDF 500 – Instructions for Stepparent Adoption (R8/16)


  • JDF 1321 – Motion to Convert Decree of Legal Separation to Decree of Dissolution of Marriage (R8/16)


  • JDF 385 – Instructions for Filing a Change of Name following Conviction/Adjudication for a Felony (R8/16)
  • JDF 387 – Final Decree for Change of Name to Obtain Identity-Related Documents (R8/16)
  • JDF 388 – Instructions for Filing a Change of Name for an Individual 70 Years of Age or Older (R8/16)
  • JDF 389 – Petition for Change of Name (70 Years of Age or Older) (R8/16)
  • JDF 420 – Instructions for Filing a Change of Name (Minor) (R8/16)
  • JDF 421 – Petition for Change of Name (Minor Child) (R8/16)
  • JDF 432 – Instructions for Filing a Change of Name (Adult) (R8/16)
  • JDF 433 – Petition for Change of Name (Adult) (R8/16)


  • JDF 477 – Motion to Seal Criminal Justice Records (R8/16)
  • JDF 478 – Order to Seal Criminal Justice Records (R8/16)

For all of State Judicial’s JDF forms, click here.

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