August 16, 2018

HB 17-1159: Adding Remedies in Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions

On February 6, 2017, Rep. Jon Becker and Sen. John Cooke introduced HB 17-1159, “Concerning Actions Related to Forcible Entry and Detainer.”

The bill adds to the current descriptions of forcible detainer the act of a person preventing an owner from access to or possession of property by locking or changing the lock on the property.

The bill creates a procedure for the plaintiff to seek a temporary, mandatory injunction giving the plaintiff possession of the property if a complaint for forcible entry or detainer is filed. The procedure requires the plaintiff to store any personal property found on the property but allows the plaintiff to recover the costs of the storage.

The bill establishes as new crimes related to forcible entry and detainer the crimes of unlawful occupancy and unlawful reentry.

The bill was introduced into the House and assigned to the Judiciary and Appropriations committees.

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