June 23, 2019

Colorado Supreme Court: Blunt Wraps are “Kind” or “Form” of Tobacco Product Subject to Taxation

The Colorado Supreme Court issued its opinion in Colorado Department of Revenue v. Creager Mercantile Co. on Monday, May 15, 2017.

Statutory Construction—Tobacco taxation.

The supreme court granted certiorari review to determine whether Blunt Wraps, a type of cigar wrapper made in part of tobacco and designed to be filled with smoking material and smoked, may be taxed as “tobacco products,” as that term is defined in C.R.S. § 39-28.5-101(5). The court held that because Blunt Wraps are a “kind” or “form” of tobacco and are “prepared in such manner as to be suitable . . . for smoking,” they fall within the plain language of the statutory definition of “tobacco products” and are taxable accordingly. The court therefore reversed the judgment of the court of appeals.

Summary provided courtesy of The Colorado Lawyer.

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