August 22, 2019

Governor Signs Bill to Modernize “Mental Retardation” Terminology

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On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, the governor signed into law SB 18-096, “Concerning Modernizing Statutory Provisions that Refer to Terms Related to “Mental Retardation,” sponsored by Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik and Rep. Dan Thurlow. The governor signed the bill on World Down Syndrome Day, a day on which people around the world people with Down syndrome and those who live and work with them organize and participate in activities and events to raise public awareness and create a single global voice for advocating for the rights, inclusion and well being of people with Down syndrome.

SB 18-096 is a Statutory Revisions Committee bill that modernizes and makes nonsubstantive changes to provisions of statute that use terms like ‘mental retardation’ or ‘mentally retarded’ by replacing the terms with more appropriate ‘intellectual and developmental disability’ language.

For a list of all of the governor’s 2018 legislative actions, click here.

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