August 24, 2019

Bill Signed Authorizing Court Appointees for Marijuana Businesses

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Governor Hickenlooper signed one bill into law. To date, he has signed 226 bills and sent two to the Secretary of State without a signature. The bill signed Tuesday was HB 18-1280, “Concerning Regulatory Procedures Related to the Appointment of a Court Appointee for a Regulated Marijuana Business, and, in Connection Therewith, Making an Appropriation,” by Rep. Jovan Melton and Sen. Don Coram. Under current law, there are no provisions that specifically address what happens to a regulated marijuana business when a representative is appointed for the business. The bill requires a potential appointee to certify to the court prior to the appointment that he or she is suitable to hold a marijuana business license.

For a complete list of Governor Hickenlooper’s 2018 legislative decisions, click here.

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