August 25, 2019

Chief Justice Directive 85-25 Amended to Update Procedures for Filing Oaths of Office

The Colorado State Judicial Branch released an updated version of CJD 85-25, “Oaths of Office for Judges and Magistrates,” dated August 2018. The CJD was amended to reflect changes adopted in HB 18-1138, “Concerning Standardizing Public Official Oaths of Office, and, in Connection Therewith, Providing a Uniform Oath Text and Establishing Requirements for Taking, Subscribing, Administering, and Filing Public Oaths of Office.”

The amendments to the CJD indicate that county court judges must file their oaths of office with the county clerk and recorder of their respective counties, as required by the Colorado Constitution, as well as with the Secretary of State.

For the full text of CJD 85-25, click here. For all of the Colorado Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Directives, click here.

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